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Premium Guest Post Backlinks


Premium Guest Post Backlink Packages


Premium Guest Post Backlink Packages


Our blogger outreach gets you high-quality guest post links


Get backlinks placed on premium, relevant sites in your niche.


We work on your behalf building relationships with quality bloggers.


The criteria we use when selecting blogs includes domain authority and overall site quality.


Through this service, we ensure that your links are only placed on sites with the highest quality. Search engines value these backlinks and increase your ranking as a result.







Backlinks bring authority to your site


Having trouble getting your business to show up on the first page of Google?


You need high authority sites related to your niche to “link back” to your site.


These backlinks give your site “link juice” that helps you show up when your product or service is searched.


Our contributors will skillfully craft a magazine-caliber article that includes backlinks to your site.


Benefits of guest post backlinks:

  • Obtain high authority links quickly
  • 100% White hat strategy and blogger outreach
  • Hands-free, no need to spend time building relationships


How the Premium Guest Post Backlink Package Works


1. Fill out the basic form with your information, including keyword anchor text and your site’s URL.


2. We will provide you with a base subject to approve. Once you’ve approved the subject matter, the article will be written by a vetted writer. Once you’ve approved the article, it will be published on a high ranking guest blog that we’ve manually outreached. The article will contain backlinks to your site.


3. We provide you with a report showing the site and URL the blog was published on.


Premium Guest Post Backlink Pricing

Choose from one of the following packages and start getting high quality backlinks!


Good Authority Backlink


  • Backlink placement on site with DA 10+
  • 1 Keyword and 1 URL
  • Link within content
  • Detailed reporting
  • Superior placement



Purchase Package 

Medium Authority Backlink


  • Backlink placement on site with DA 20+
  • 1 Keyword and 1 URL
  • Link within content
  • Detailed reporting
  • Superior placement


Purchase Package 

High Authority Backlink


  • Backlink placement on site with DA 30+
  • 1 Keyword and 1 URL
  • Link within content
  • Detailed reporting
  • Superior placement



Purchase Package 




How do I know if I need this service?


✅You currently have low authority, low quality sites linking to yours


✅Your site has been penalized by Google


✅You have a new product or service to promote


✅Your site has low authority


✅Your site has some authority that needs to be strengthened


✅You have a brand new site


What is blogger outreach?

We manually contact high authority sites containing blogs relevant to your business. A well-written article placed on the blogger’s site brings them more traffic and brings your site greater authority. We only work with quality bloggers.


What keywords can I use?

Provide us with the keyword your prefer to use. However, our team may need to make changes to the anchor text so that it reads naturally.


Will I be able to approve the guest post?

This service does not include the ability to approve the article placed on the bloggers site. You can rest assured that the article will be non-promotional and treats your brand with respect.

The article will go through multiple edits to ensure excellent quality. We have delivered this service many times with no issues.


Can you guarantee a quality backlink to my site?

Absolutely. You will receive a backlink from a high quality site based upon the package you select. Your link will stay live. Let us know if a link goes down for any reason and we will replace it!


How long does it take to get results?

Only 30 days or less! Typically it takes at least 30 days because each guest post placement is the result of manual outreach. Get started today!




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