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What is Regulation Crowdfunding?


Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg CF allows individuals to own a small stake in your business.

Basically, your customers become investors.

The law governing Reg CF was established on May 16, 2016.

Regulation Crowdfunding is different than raising funds on Kickstarter. Companies like Kickstarter allow you to sell products in order to raise funds.

WeFunder is a platform that allows your customers to own a piece of your business, allowing you to raise funds from a number of people.

The Official Agency can introduce you to a platform with an average investment amount of $350.


The benefits of Reg CF

Prepare your audience and get them as engaged as possible before launching your campaign.

The more engaged your audience is, the better. Regulation Crowdfunding allows anyone to become an investor in your business no matter what their income or net worth. Reg CF makes it possible for friends, family, and customers to become investors.

Businesses no longer have to rely on venture capitalists or banks to raise funds. Anyone can become an investor in your company for just $100. Plus, you can advertise the fundraiser to the press, social media, your customers, and more.


How to get started


With just a simple phone call, we can generate a Form C to file with the SEC. This form needs to be filed before you begin fundraising. To generate the Form C, disclose up to two years of GAAP financials along with other company details such as the number of officers, directors, employees, etc.


  1. Create your WeFunder profile.
  2. WeFunder will generate and file Form C on your behalf. You’re free to have your lawyer review it.
  3. Crowdfunding contracts are provided for free (revenue share, convertible note, stock, loan)
  4. WeFunder handles payment transfer, contract signing, escrow, and ongoing SEC filings.


You can offer three types of securities to your investors including;

  1. WeFunder SAFE
  2. WeFunder Promissory Note
  3. Investor Perk Agreement




You can’t raise more than $1,070,000 in one year through Regulation Crowdfunding. However, unlimited funds can be raised using Regulation D, Rule 506(c) for investors who are accredited.

Investors are limited to investing 5% to 10% of their yearly income. These limitations are monitored and enforced on your behalf by WeFunder.

All crowdfunding must be conducted online on the WeFunder platform-no offline investments.
After your Form C is filed, advertise your crowdfunding campaign however you like, including email and social media. All advertisements promoting your crowdfunding campaign must contain a link to your WeFunder profile. Contact us for more information or to launch your Regulation Crowdfunding campaign. offers perfect solutions for your brand-new modern & sleek business solution website