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How to Manage Your Virtual Team Effectively

How to Manage Your Virtual Team Effectively


Business growth is a perfect storm with many components. You should have a great business model, quality control, innovation, and a method to scale. Outsourcing a virtual team is a cost-effective way to grow your company and scale your efforts. Virtual staffs have their advantages. According to a Standford study, a remote staff is less likely to take long breaks or sick days.


Challenges of managing a remote team

A virtual team member may be more likely to feel isolated than an onsite employee. You’re not physically with them, so you need to find tools to support them and communicate. To have a virtual team, you need to obtain software that will help you facilitate projects, partnership, and overall management. Choose software that directly meets your needs and don’t be afraid to switch to a new tool if necessary.

Communication can be a challenge in any work environment. Give your team members tips on how to communicate with each other better, especially across cultural differences. Encourage teamwork among your remote team members. Provide guidance on which messages are appropriate for which mediums so that the correct person receives the message.


How to solve the challenges

Collaboration tools online will help you improve team engagement while keeping your process smooth. Tools that help virtual teams communicate better will significantly reduce confusion during projects, saving time and money. Collaboration tools help reduce the amount of email usage.

Don’t blame your frustrations on distance. Clear communication is necessary no matter the distance. The first step to great communication is hiring the right person in the first place. Have two or more rounds of interviews when selecting candidates.

Multiple interviews will give you ample opportunity to gauge the person’s communication skills. By outsourcing the right person, you’ll trust they will do their job which helps you avoid micromanagement. Share your mission and shared goals with your team to foster a spirit of collaboration. Help your team members understand that their time is used in a useful manner.

Give regular updates to your team members. Updates will help everyone feel like an included team member. Checking in consistently allows you to establish a direction for your team which enables you to avoid micromanagement. Rather than checking in after every task they complete, you can check in on a daily or weekly basis. Regular meetings will help ensure accountability and productivity. Duties, target dates, and responsibilities should be clearly defined to avoid any confusion. Make yourself readily available to your staff since you’re not in an office down the hallway.

Diversity online

Hiring a virtual team can result in a very diverse workforce from around the globe. Don’t fear that you’ll lose information in communication because your staff member is in another country. Take advantage of any cultural differences if there are any. It can be an opportunity to simplify discussions.

A language barrier can become an advantage when you’re forced to streamline your communication and boil what you have to say down to a common denominator. Simplifying communication will provide your staff with more clarity.


Online tools for teams

The more simple the technology is that you’re using, the better. You can lose efficiency with more demanding programs. While you may want to impress by using technical software it can cost you more concerning efficiency. Less is more.

Types of virtual teams

There are many different types of team typologies. For example, you could have each team member report to you, or you could allow your team members to use each other as a resource to move a project along. Another team typology enables each member of the group to take their role as the group leader eventually. This set up has its advantages because it allows introverted members the opportunity to speak up and take part in the narrative.

To successfully operate a virtual team within your company, you need a champion leader. One with the ability to define processes clearly, the skills to manage working relationships, and communicate directly.

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