The Official Agency | Is it Okay To Ask For Links? Google Representative Says Yes.
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Is it Okay To Ask For Links? Google Representative Says Yes.

You want to know the rules for building links, and you want to avoid link schemes. Google Search Liaison and Founder of Search Engine Land Danny Sullivan weighs in on the topic of links, advising on actions to take and prevent when building links.

Link Building outreach

There’s nothing wrong with just asking for a link. However, it’s best to avoid making multiple demands. So, you’ve written an article, and you would like a link back to your site. Asking for a link to your site by itself is not a link scheme, as clarified by Sullivan. Links from sites with authority will help build your website’s credibility and authority. However, backlinking done wrong can hurt your site.

It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to links. The sheer number of links pointing to your site might seem most important at first. You should have a variety of links coming from different websites. You want to build links to sites that help you build trust. However, the quality of the site linking to you is more crucial than the number of links you have.


Attracting publishers

It’s a turn off to publishers the more specific your link request is. For example, in one situation you’re merely asking for a link back to your URL. It is another story entirely to demand that the publisher use exact words or a specific number of links. Attempting to completely control the anchor text or requiring a particular amount of links is borderline manipulation according to Sullivan.


Getting the better kind of backlinks

It’s better to gain Dofollow links as opposed to Nofollow. Dofollow links are included in Google’s algorithm and are eligible for ranking in search. Nofollow links are not included in Google’s page ranking and indicate a lack of trust from the publisher. Nofollow links are not bad; they just don’t offer the link equity or power of the other type. Consider this when you’re campaigning to gain more backlinks. It’s better for your site to obtain links from sites with Dofollow attributes. Guest posting drives traffic to your page. Increasing relevant traffic allows you to establish authority with your audience. Building meaningful relationships is the most authentic way to gain more traffic through guest posting-and it takes time.


What about republished links?

In the case of a site republishing your content, they should always cite a link back to you. Citing a link helps search engines identify the original source of content.


The point of using a link building strategy is to add value rather than manipulating your ranking in search. Create pages worthy of links that actually solve problems. Make a conscious effort to build links to the pages you want to rank higher in search. It’s of the utmost importance to gain backlinks from the highest quality sites to avoid hurting your own page ranking. In Google’s latest update on August 1st, it was suggested that there are no changes that need to be made to your site. Simply create high-quality content.


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