The Official Agency | A Simple Guide to Mobile Advertising on Social Media
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A Simple Guide to Mobile Advertising on Social Media

It’s necessary for businesses to leverage digital advertising to stay relevant and in the mind of their target audience.

Digital advertising is the solution for reaching a more substantial number of prospects who are interested in your offer.


A Simple Guide to Mobile Advertising on Social Media

A Simple Guide to Mobile Advertising on Social Media

Meet your audience where they already are. Then advertise.


According to researchers at Magna, global digital ad spending surpassed TV for the first time in 2017.

Digital ad spending reached $209 billion while TV reached $178 billion. The growth of digital ad platforms has been stable and healthy.


Mobile video advertising


Approximately 83% of businesses feel that mobile video ads give them a positive return on investment. These ad types increase brand awareness and generate leads. For most viewers, it is preferred for the video to last 15 seconds or less.


The benefits of retargeting


Mobile ad retargeting is an excellent way to get back lost attention from your customers and prospects. Retargeting keeps your brand top of mind. When your product or service is needed, prospects and customers will think of your brand.

The AI software currently available allows you to target audiences based on location, in-app action, device list, device type, or operating system. If you’re not familiar with retargeting, it’s a way to “follow” a prospect around the web and show them ads. The visitor may have only been to your website once, but they get to see your ad multiple times as they visit other sites.

A pixel makes it possible for your ad to be seen by that visitor multiple times. When the visitor goes to your website, the pixel allows them to look at your ad as they browse the web. The pixel is not invading the privacy of the visitor or collecting sensitive information.

Installing the Facebook ad pixel on your website will allow you to see the actions of Facebook customers while they’re on your site. Create a pixel on Facebook by logging in and going to the Events Manager page. Then visit the Pixels tab and click on Create a Pixel.

If you have a niche audience, you’ll need to target your audience with laser-like precision on Facebook. Take advantage of the Interests feature to reach your audience with accuracy and increase the probability of reaching someone who is interested in your offer. Retargeting is exceptionally beneficial for any business but critical to the success of a new business.

An individual needs to see your ad at least seven times before they purchase or take action on your offer. The more times your ad is viewed, the more likely the visitor will remember your business and offering. The primary companies that offer retargeted ads are Google and Facebook.



Facebook Auto Ads

Adsense has set Auto Ads into motion, which uses machine learning. A single line of code activates it. The program launched quietly in September 2017. The AI technology determines the number of ads on a page and their placement.

Therefore, advertisers have to give up complete control-which they are accustomed to having. Google is willing to bet that advertisers will not mind after analyzing the results of using the program. Advertisers found that they received on average 10% more revenue by allowing the AI software to place ads. Some advertisers received a 15% increase in revenue.

Auto ads bring something new to the table by determining ad placement for you, something that had to be done manually before the rollout of Auto Ads. Place the code in the header tag on every page that you want the ads to show. If you have manually placed ads on your site, you won’t need to remove them to take advantage of Auto Ads.

Some web developers are concerned about the automatic placement of ads. Notably, the number of ads allowed on a page by Auto ads is a subject of controversy. These developers believe that allowing Google to decide the number and placement of ads is a risky decision.

Key Takeaways from Mobile Advertising


Facebook Ads

  • Allows for granular audience targeting
  • For the best results, install the Facebook ad pixel on your website
  • Target the audience that visited your product page on Facebook
  • Target people who abandoned their cart
  • Run an ‘Offer’ and increase website visits
  • Allows you to run carousel-style ads with scrolling images (great for e-commerce)


LinkedIn Ads

  • Excellent for B2B ads
  • Target ads around a person’s profession
  • Target your audience by professional groups like trade associations and job title
  • Sign up or lead generation forms pre-populated with profile details
  • Send invitations to events and webinars using Sponsored InMail
  • Place ads on high-traffic pages with Display Ads
  • Use Dynamic Ads to grow followers, send personalized messages, and generate action
  • Become a Marketing Partner to work with LinkedIn experts



    • A great place to get leads for the top-of-the-funnel
    • Ads are in between nuggets of information that relate to your service or product
    • Install the Quora Pixel to your website to build a retargeting list and track conversions
    • Ad targeting focuses on location, keywords, and exclusions (negatives)
    • Target using Topic Targeting or Audience Targeting (website visitors)
    • Friendly to Adwords keywordsInstagram
    • Appropriate platform for sales
    • Increase brand engagement with a small budget
    • Target the audience that visited your profile
    • Advertise in the form of carousel ads, photo, video, and Instagram Stories
    • Video ads are better for Instagram Stories, rather than disrupting scrolling in the feed
    • Identify how you will solve a problem quickly with video ads
    • Only show video ads to users on a Wi-Fi connection to avoid delay issues


While mobile ads are the way of now and the future, avoid the disruption that lowers the user experience. Pop-up ads and video ads that play with sound are among the most disruptive ad types. Poor creative is the primary reason for a bad ad experience. Get mobile ads with brilliant creative and give your visitors a user experience that’s positive.


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